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28 Days of …

February is a month dedicated to sharing and caring. Across the nation hundreds of thousands of people celebrate and share their love for one another on February 14th, reminiscing in love at first sight, and all of the memories that have brought them to where they are in their relationship today. But the love doesn’t stop there, in many provinces and territories, families across Canada take the second or third Monday of the month to dedicate it to sharing the day with their Family. Cherishing moments and making memories to revisit for years to come.

You see, to some February can be a very dark and gloomy month. The very midst of the winter, consisting of short, cold, grey winter days and long, dark winter nights. This is the time of year when many people fall into the darkness of depression or experience what is known as S.A.D. What many of us forget is the love that is shared throughout this month. We all know how hard it can be to get out of that slum. We’ve recovered from the Christmas Holidays and the excitement of the New Years Celebrations, we’re deep in our New Years Resolutions, possibly at the stage where we want to keep pushing but it is seems like there is no hope.

It’s time to SNAP out of it!
Yes, YOU! You can do it! Get outside or get up inside and move! Studies have shown that exercise can promote the release of endorphins in our bodies which can affect our mood. And remember your Vitamin D. If I had a penny for every time I have seen Vitamin D information at the store, in my emails, on my newsfeed – even on Google.
Vitamin D in Drops,
Vitamin D in Soft Gels,
Vitamin D in Powders,
Vitamin D from the Sun,
Vitamin D from Food,
Vitamin D! Vitamin D! Vitamin D!

“Vitamin D is not primarily found in food, like many other vitamins, but typically absorbed by humans through the sun’s UV rays or from dietary supplements. It’s crucial to maintain sufficient vitamin D intake for a number of reasons; they include healthy bone growth, heart health and potentially even mental well-being, though vitamin D’s impact on mental health is still being studied and currently inconclusive.”

So remember, February is not meant to be a dark and gloomy month. It’s not time to rush into Spring yet, it’s time to embrace the month. The days are getting long so embrace the love and moments shared throughout the month. On February 14th tell the person(s) you care about how much you care about them and why. Spoil them, or spoil yourself. Remember, you are as important as anyone else on the planet. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to about someone else, it’s about love, sharing and embracing Love. Don’t forget Family Day is right around the corner, too. This is another excuse to get out and do something you love to do with family and friends. It’s another day to share with those that you care about. Go skiing, tobogganing, hiking. Or if being outdoors isn’t for your niche, play some board games, get creative with arts and crafts.
Get off your phone, tablet, computer and enjoy your surroundings, including the individuals included in those surroundings.

February is Heart Month. A full 28 days to share your heart and care for your heart.


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